Rebirth: Overthrow Song Dynasty

631 Chapters
Rebirth: Overthrow Song Dynasty
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Aug 29th, 00:00
The news of Wu Gong completing the world voyage spread all the way until March of the eighteenth year of Xuanwu. Then, April arrived, and this news spread to the Yan Jing City! In the entire Yan Jing City, almost all the teahouses were discussing the same matter! "The ground under our feet is actually round. This is unbelievable!" "How is that possible? The Sage once said, the Heaven's Circle!
He had transmigrated and became the Crown Prince, but unfortunately, he was the late Crown Prince... When the shame of Jingkang arrived, the Crown Prince could only escape from Kaifeng. The female Adept chased him and the King of Kang was chasing him. Afterwards, he had no choice but to flee to the northwest, where there were still powerful officials … He had finally taken charge of the imperial government. Step by step, he would develop the military and the economy. First, he would take over Guan Shan and Chuan Shu, then he would head south to exterminate the king of Kang, and finally he would head north to exterminate the gold... Walk past friends, click on it to see, guarantee that it is wonderful, guarantee that you will not be disappointed. During the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, the heroes Yue Fei, Han Shizhong, and Wang Zhong Yang were among them. If you want the martial arts world, yes. Unrivaled divine arts, there was one. There were naturally supreme beauties as well. Go in and see, please.