Talisman Emperor

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Talisman Emperor
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Latest Release: C2202
May 7th, 17:10
After he gathered with his old friends, Chen Xi seemed to have vanished from the world and disappeared. No one knew where he'd gone, but no one would be worried for Chen Xi now. In the current world, even the myriad of things under the heavens had to submit to Chen Xi, so who could injure Chen Xi? The supreme ruler! Relying solely on this title, it was sufficient to prove Chen Xi's transcende
Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suicide! Cultivation? No time for that, he had a family to take care of! This is the story of Chen Xi, a youth forced to stop cultivating and instead craft talismans to pay for his younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!
  • CatheanaSeptember 12, 2019 5:38 PM

    Wasting Starry Sky stage

    Around Ch260ish he unlocks the 2nd stage of his abode thing Starry Sky where if he spends 50 years in only 5 years outside pass and at this point he’s told he can enter the abode anytime he wants instead of needing a cer…
  • yaboyjamell86August 28, 2019 8:08 PM

    Can the chapters be fixed ? its hard to understand because it seem like chapter 1544 and up have 2 different novels in it. its weird

    can the chapters be fixed?
  • kinnisoacAugust 28, 2019 2:56 AM

    So great!

    This novel reads smoothly, which indicates that the author’s literary skills are good, and the structure is reasonable. There is no such situation as overdescription or nonsense.
  • LittleCabbageAugust 28, 2019 2:54 AM

    Logical plot

    The advantages of this book lie in the reasonable plot design and the healthy character of the protagonist.
  • baumata8August 28, 2019 2:52 AM

    Looking forward to sequel

    Is there a sequel of Talisman Emperor? I’m looking forward to it.
  • EsterAugust 15, 2019 6:01 PM

    Quando estou lendo um capítulo ele muda sozinho e coloca em outro capítulo ..isso é frustrante demais

  • KhanTheConquerorJuly 14, 2019 8:32 PM

    Chapter 2203 till 2225 there are 23 afterwards chapters

    Please release chapter afterwards i guess start from 2203 till 2225 please upload them
  • usmanusmana6June 12, 2019 6:18 AM

    Didn't the divine tree leave? Author, you are joking with us

    Didn’t the divine tree leave? Author: Are you joking with us?
  • sardarb1June 12, 2019 6:17 AM

    It's the same thing again

    It was the same trick again, escaping and killing, seizing the treasure, hanging by a thread, lucky chance …
  • narusawa5June 12, 2019 6:17 AM

    I just want to ask his wife

    I just want to ask his wife. Didn’t they say that his wife would come and pick him up when he went to heaven? He’s about to become a king, and he still hasn’t appeared?
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