Tame the Disobedient CEO

Modern Romance
42 Chapters
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A part of him began to feel hot and uncomfortable, and as if he had realized something, he muttered an incantation to himself and strode toward her. Gu Yi took another step back, but she had already stuck herself to the wall. There was nowhere for him to retreat to, so she could only stand there motionlessly, looking extremely adorable. Seeing that he was right in front of her, she could only pu


five years later he caught her sneaking home with her child if you don't agree i'll destroy her the sharp words of the woman rushed into his heart but he was unable to do anything as he was favored by the heavens and could only clench his fist huo yunzheng i really hate you if there is an afterlife i will not let you down gu yi you must have done it on purpose


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