The Rural Doctress

Historical Romance
547 Chapters
9.0 (31 Ratings)
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Aug 29th, 00:00
Chi Hang naturally did not tell her about Lin Guyu's condition, but Lin Guyu could see through it herself. "My body is just a bit weak. It's nothing serious." Lu Ziyu's lies had become a common occurrence. She slowly withdrew her hand, "Eat the medicine I made for you some time ago." "En, thank you," Lin Guyu said, and looked at Chi Hang beside him, and said with a serious face, "I already said


Lin Rushi, no, maybe she should be called Lin Guyu now, looking down at her own red wedding-suit, her mind went blank. She was medico. She went swimming by the sea with roommates, but then sank into the water because of leg cramps. As soon as she wake up, she had to replace her elder sister to marry the fifth son of Chi Family. It was supposed to be a perfectly satisfactory marriage. Unexpectly, just a month ago, Chi Hang went hunting but was carried back coverd with blood all over. Who would be willing to spent the rest of her life with paralyzed man and raise his child? Lin Guyu did not know how physician in ancient time was diagnosed. It is clear that Chi Hang could be saved but he said there was no way. Fortunately, she studied Chinese medicine in college and knew how to take acupuncture. The man was reticent. He wanted to give her freedom, but didn't expect that she stayed by his side never leave or forsake. At that moment, Chi Hang thought, she was everything to him. No matter the world right or wrong, he will only obey the words of her. ☆About the Author☆ Lin Jin, a female writer of online novels, is good at creating ancient romance novels. Her novels are often exquisitely described, which can make people feel deep emotion and beauty from the daily life of the protagonists. There are two works by Lin Jin, they are The Rural Doctress and The Beautiful Young Lady.



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