The Top Soldier King in  Metropolis

The Top Soldier King in Metropolis

Ye Zheng, the elite member of the "Crimson Flame" Special Forces, a generation's leader with outstanding combat skills, had actually suffered an ambush from a mysterious life form in the Northern Wasteland, suffering heavy injuries and losing five comrades. After retiring from the army, Ye Zheng accepted a special mission to conceal his identity, hibernate the city, and wait for an opportunity to emerge. He vowed to uncover the truth, uncover the culprit and the great evildoer, and seek revenge for his fallen comrades. However, the road ahead was dangerous, every step he took was full of thorns. How was Ye Zheng supposed to face the powerful internal and external enemies? Facing the love net woven by a beautiful woman, how could he break out of it? What was the truth of the whole thing? Was there really such a thing as a superpower in the world? A natural phenomenon that caused the weather to change. How could Ye Zheng, this proud and aloof wolf, run wild in the reinforced concrete jungle, emitting such a sorrowful and wild howl?
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Table of Contents

C1 Tragedy in the WastelandC2 Top Secret TasksC3 dog blood storylineC4 Fatal choiceC5 Relieving EnclosureC6C7 Twelve buttons and a slapC8 Garbage CleanupC9 Golden CanyonC10 Iron cage warfareC11 A female star's bodyguardC12 ClearanceC13 one versus thirty-sixC14 Tiger AppearC15 Military pastC16 Martial Arts Master 1C17C18 an old friend of the interrogation roomC19 The truthC20 Kunhai Town LonggeC21 An unpleasant dinner partyC22 fast knife handC23 Knife VS katanaC24 Yellow Sparrow BehindC25 Unable to guard againstC26 Goddess of Sexuality CenterC27 Hidden ExpertC28 She sewed up the dogC29 flying shadowC30 boxing dynamometerC31 Death Fighting on a roller coaster 1C32 Death fighting on a roller coaster 2C33 Stupid Security and Wine SistersC34 batterC35 Xue Tu Hu's ReturnC36 AbductionC37 Second Young Master Xiao's Special hobbyC38 Lonely Dragon-DoorC39 Enemy InheritanceC40C41 DisciplineC42 Wheel of HateC43C44 bar sexC45 Ice blockC46 assassinationC47 The Mask of a WomanC48 Xiao's eldest sonC49 summation of fearC50 Bloodthirsty WolfC51 Mysterious BartenderC52 Queen RoseC53 An actress in a see-through dressC54 son of the wealthiest manC55 Viper and BeautyC56 dubious sinusC57 ScramC58 The storm is comingC59 Mad Sea Shark 1C60 Angry Sea Crazy Shark Part IIC61 Sea Death FightingC62 backkillC63 ShowC64 Killer and Modern PoetryC65C66 Comprehensive siege 1C67 Comprehensive siege Part IIC68 Ghost Face ManC69 New hatred and old hatredC70 Head of the Dark BladeC71 TrapC72 Tempest EveC73 Killing without mercy 1C74 Killing without mercy Part IIC75 Fighting against WanfuC76 ghost carC77 return of enigma to its nestC78 wolfhoundC79 netherworldC80 The dust settlesC81 an unsatisfactory endingC82 Treading againC83 Beautiful HeadingC84 single cutting straightC85 caged animalC86C87 The Truth of the Drug Owl Part IIC88 Help EnemyC89 five steps of splattering bloodC90 detachC91 Mystery GirlC92 Master of Illusion 1C93 Master of Illusion Part IIC94 seven-pointed starC95 Radix CyperiC96 escape dayC97 return to the cityC98 Goat Repellent WolfC99 AdviceC100 Father's requestC101 Shelter BarC102 Body and soulC103C104 Snake Scorpion Woman MailedC105 Difficult girl 1C106 Difficult girl 2C107 Sea KingC108 Three Wars 1C109 Third Battle ChinaC110 Third Battle NextC111 Grand MasterC112 Three questionsC113C114C115 Nether ForceC116 cageC117 Offshore raidC118 Cage of trapped beastC119 WhosoC120 fight againC121 Gao Xiaowan's SecretC122 AromasiaC123 self-destructionC124 ContractC125 Origin of Red Tide Serum StoryC126 Berserk and HateC127C128 Human TruthC129 Crown CourtC130 SubstituteC131 Dunma Fist Field 1C132 Dunma Fist Field MediumC133 Dunma Fist Field LowerC134 Boss Cha's FuryC135 leg technique expertC136 GiantC137 Huang brothersC138 rebirth of the deadC139 Dark LightC140 God's forbidden areaC141 massacreC142C143 mind-readingC144 Large Cleaning TopC145 Large Cleaning Part IIC146 The End of the Shelter Bar 1C147 The End of the Shelter Bar 2C148 Goddess ClubC149 Xiao Chu Huan's Lucky Coin 1C150 Xiao Chu Huan's Lucky Coin Part IIC151 Black clouds cover the cityC152C153 resuscitationC154 The Devil's FaceC155 Demons and MenC156 A Man Returned from HellC157 Familiar strangersC158 Suspend securityC159 Tortoise ManorC160 Demon visitsC161 fall from high altitudeC162 Hidden enemiesC163 Blood and boneC164 City alertC165 air shockC166 Underground WorldC167 Sacrificial GroundsC168 Demon AppearanceC169C170 internal fightingC171C172C173C174 Human Origin and Biological MechaC175 Gruegorli's comebackC176 rebirth of demon godsC177 JourneyC178C179 The identity of Ye Zheng 1C180C181 TransactionsC182 Chinese Ocean Tornado MissionC183 Killing HeartbreakC184 Shan Wang Group 1C185 Shan Wang Group Part IIC186 homologyC187 Shan Wang Biochemical Research InstituteC188 Stunning Four SealsC189 A castle by the seaC190 The armoury of the President of the NorthC191C192 Saber Drawing Technique LowerC193 The War Country's PastC194 SagamoreC195 Killing intent and suspicionC196C197 Science MagicC198 The meeting of old friendsC199 SniperC200 Taxi TrapC201 wind and moon siteC202 blue-eyed warriorC203 King of ScandinaviansC204 Plough Tinker 1C205 Li Ting Tong Acupoint 2C206 mouse repellentC207 Death Fighting on the CouchC208 Kawahara foothillsC209C210 Resurrection of the Dead Part IIC211C212 Undead LegionC213 jump chargeC214 Undead Warriors' WarningsC215 Shura's fieldC216 photophageC217 PuppetC218 Mountain King's SealC219 Dust to dustC220 The truthC221 soul dissectorC222 Mountain King's Destruction CountdownC223 The shackles of the lone wolfC224 Clam and clam contend fish will reap the benefitsC225 mountain king rebellionC226 Victory reversalC227 landslide and fissureC228 The War of the Usurper Part IC229 The War of the Usurper ChinaC230 The War of the Usurper Part IIC231 The New King of Shan Wang GroupC232 escape from deathC233 A woman caught in a trapC234 Concerto of Spirit and MeatC235 Pain in the depths of memoryC236 Anna's TargetC237 risk-freeC238 deathC239 Love and DeathC240 Hot Springs HotelC241 uninvited guestC242 long-range firepowerC243 mass extinctionC244 Armistice negotiationsC245 abdominal incisionC246 Temporary peaceC247 Gao Xiaowan's ambitionC248 Split upC249 Unreconciled PuppetC250 Paddy Field Interior Design CenterC251 failed assassinationC252 The Trident of the Return of the EarthC253 Murong Xin AppearsC254 Murong Long Target TacticsC255 reversed kickC256 Mountain King's messengerC257 Chinese gooseberry rootC258 Soldier King RestC259 demon kneeC260 Old friends reuniteC261 Shopping mall tragedyC262 Unscrupulous meansC263 venomC264 ghost fogC265 galloping attackC266 Herba PhellodendriC267 A hunter caught in a trapC268 face-hard impactC269 Death of Ye ZhengC270 hat-trickC271 Soldier King Bathing in BloodC272 one hit killC273 Reversal to victoryC274 homeless dogC275 Anna's identityC276 forcible modificationC277 The Fiends had arrived once more 1C278 The Fiend Reappearance Part IIC279 zoonosisC280 cageC281 Bai Yue's counterattackC282 Visit by Murong LongbaiC283 skill versus strengthC284 Imperfect VictoryC285 Return to the BattlefieldC286 internal force competitionC287 caged animalC288 A tragic deathC289 Demon that broke out of the net 1C290 Demon that broke out of the net 2C291 withering rainC292 UninvitedC293 The appearance of a strong enemyC294 Enemy MeetC295 Fatal RagingC296 Slaughter by the demon godsC297 Uninvited VisitsC298 combinedC299 continuous pursuitC300 Bidens davidiiC301 acanthopanaxC302 Light of FireC303 No traceC304 GiftC305 Beastmen Army 1C306 Beast Transformation Army Part IIC307 No way outC308 Raging to RagingC309 Fight to the death 1C310 Fight to the death 2C311 Fight to the death NextC312 The End of a DeathmatchC313 aftershockC314 Third keyC315 memory embeddingC316 Another Way of TransformationC317 Return to Sevenstar HeadquartersC318 Death of Murong XinC319 testC320 imprisoning arrayC321 Sea Beasts 1C322 Sea Beasts LowerC323 realmC324 Misty IslandC325 biological test siteC326 wolf kingC327 The Fetters of the BeastC328 Hero's burial groundC329 TrialC330 ultraC331 rebirth by fireC332 mechanical powerC333 Metal Storm 1C334 Metal Storm 2C335 Dawn and MeteorC336 spider-shaped bio walkerC337 runaway bug populationC338 insect kingC339 Ring of FireC340 lightning chainC341 water dragonC342 Temple of the lake centerC343 UnsealC344 jailerC345 Death of the High LordC346 The Last Light of FireC347 second formC348 netherworldC349 third formC350 reversalC351 foamC352 Last strikeC353 total extinctionC354 The Truth of AllC355 Destruction and rebirthC356 Death of Murong XinC357 BetrayalC358 TrapC359 Cage of trapped beastC360 Bath blood breaking through enclosureC361 Carnage(part i)C362 Carnage(part ii)C363 Mountain king apocalypseC364 Abyssal debrisC365 Mysterious beamC366 The origin of the storyC367 The warlord reappearsC368 Instantaneous killingC369 The storm is coming(part i)C370 The storm is coming(part ii)C371 City alertC372 A crushing defeatC373 Key to victoryC374 Death of xiao chuhuanC375 DecoyC376 Surprise attackC377 AshC378 Single cutting straightC379 Chess masterC380 The peak of the sky(part i)C381 The peak of the sky(part ii)C382 The peak of the sky(part iii)C383 Epilogue