Unparalled Martial Emperor

521 Chapters
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Nov 11th, 12:32
Chapter 521 - Escape to the Secret Realm Yang Hao was extremely shocked. Isn't Azure Moon's Azure Moon? Even though he was puzzled, he did not care. The three precious trees were about to fly away, and if he did not act now, he would not be able to obtain a single precious tree. "Scram!" Xu Fu shouted, his terrifying power exploding, his hundreds of arms dancing frantically, bringing up endless


When he was a teenager, he was poisoned, living under a stranger's fence, his basic life was hard to maintain, his treasure was taken away, his brother was killed. He was seriously injured, while overcoming the pain of the body, while suffering from the ridicule of others, with a cavity of hate, he lingered in patience. But as soon as he thought of this is a world in which military power is the most important thing, without powerful force, he could only live as a weak person all his life. He firmly believed that he must take back what he had lost and become a strong person to be respected! ☆About the Author☆ Dong You Tian Xia, an outstanding network novel author. With his rich imagination and delicate writing style, he has become a very popular network writer. His novel is a rare gem.



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