Urban Immortal Doctor
Modern Life
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"Oh? "Hehe, what do you mean by that, Master Lin?" 1tp 1tp Hearing Lin Zichen's words, Jiang Zhongyan immediately raised her head and looked at him with a sharp gaze. 1tp 1tp "What do you mean?" Lin Zichen smiled faintly, "Jiang Zhongyan, do you think that your Jiang Group will have at least a few billion yuan in revenues after tonight?" 1tp 1tp "What?" Billions? " Chief Jiang Shouwen was st
He had obtained the inheritance of an Empyrean, becoming the king of the city. Using zhen qi to treat a person's illness, and using miracle pills to save a person's life. On the road from the ordinary student union to the strong, he had a lot of beauties, kicking the arrogant people, rampaging through the city, stepping onto the peak! In the medical realm, I am a saint! In the business circle, I am the king! In martial dao, I am the ruler! In the boundless universe, I am the most respected!
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