Urban Omnipotent King of Medicine

Modern Life
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2 hours ago
Everyone was shocked by the appearance of the man, even the people in the Chenchen army started shouting, as though they did not know about it, but to the people in the Jiucheng, this was undoubtedly a nightmare, a nightmare added by the elders. Because of their appearance, the situation had turned tense, and there was almost no hope for them. "Afraid? have followed me for so many years! " Zhao G


From then on, there was nothing that could not be done with medical skills, cultivation techniques, and alchemy skills. Kicking a widow at night, flirting with the school beauties, treating a rich woman's infertility, being able to sell a pill for an astronomical amount of money; a Face Preserving Pill, a famous celebrity obediently following me … With medical skills in hand, I have all the skills in the world.


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