I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Gay Romance
305 Chapters
9.5 (77 Ratings)
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Jung Mai said: "I once dreamed that there were two sets of wedding robe s that were the same as the painting. I felt that they were very suitable for you guys, so I changed the design a little. If we don't like it or we don't like it, we can spend more money to get someone to make us a few dresses. " Rong Yi laughed: "I really like it." Yin Jinye said: "I also got someone to order a few sets of

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Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother


There are four kinds of people Rong Yi hates most in his life: gay, children, trash and sissy. Now he meets all at once. Just because he saw a picture of a beautiful man, his soul travelled through time and space to a different world. And he found that the original owner of this body Rong Yi had married, had a husband, and was pregnant with a baby for four years. He asked to correct the small feet wrapped before, and asked to throw away all the makeups. People thought that he was stimulated by the marriage of the big brother, but they didn't know that Rong Yi had already changed. He met a gorgeous man at the shop counter and was surprised to find that he was the beautiful man in the mobile phone picture. He followed the man carefully, because he thought the man would be the clue for him to come back! But to his surprise, this man is his husband! ☆About the Author☆ Jin Yuan Bao, a well-known online novel writer, has a strong writing ability. He can control many themes such as ancient romance, urban romance and fantasy novels. Jin Yuan Bao's works are rich and his representative works are The First Corpse Wife and The Legendary Lady.


Historical Romance
Family Conflict
Romantic Subplot
Fated Lovers
Unconditional Love
personality change


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