Wild Flower Guardian in City

Modern Life
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Wild Flower Guardian in City
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Chapter 339 - Battle Ninth Prince Everyone nervously looked at the closed doors of the auditorium. Because the one who comes out will be the winner, and the other one will most likely die. "Brother Feng, why haven't you come out after so long? Are you in danger?" Li Tao said somewhat worriedly. "We need to believe in Ling Feng. There are so many times that Ling Feng has never let us down. Elde
A generation of weapons specialists had returned to the city to begin their mad conquest. Whoever hurts my brother, kill! Whoever dares to insult my wife and children will be killed! Those who peep at my money, kill! He was ruthless and decisive. Facing the enemy, he showed no mercy. With a beauty by his side, he turned into a generation of berserk dragons that protected the city's flowers. Let's see how he will use his enthusiasm and his two iron fists to strike down this ambiguous scene! QQ Group: 230473499, welcome to the list.