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The sun was scorching hot, especially as he walked on the road. He felt as if his whole body was about to be melted by the sun. Qin Yue was the same, he had a simple smile on his face as he waved to every passing car, but no one stopped, most of them just left. Cigarette smoke.

"People these days are really unfriendly," when all 12 cars had left, Qin Yue rubbed his nose and said very helplessly, "If this were our village, we would be able to stop it even if it were an ox cart. It's not like I don't have any money, so why is it so hard to hitchhike? "

He held a few tickets in his hand and scratched his head in a depressed manner.

Not far away, a Land Rover drove over.

Qin Yue's eyes lit up, he once again revealed a simple smile, holding onto the ticket, he continuously waved both of his hands, this time, he was going all out, and directly stood in the middle of the road.

He could not continue to bask in the sun. He would definitely suffer from heatstroke.

The sound of the wheels and the ground was extremely unpleasant to hear. Slit, sharp and ear-piercing sounds, following that, a vicious looking middle-aged man wearing a black suit stuck his head out of the window. He looked like a bodyguard and shouted at Qin Yue: "Are you crazy, are you courting death?"

Qin Yue scratched his head, he looked extremely sincere and said to the other party, "You misunderstand me, I want to hitchhike, I want to go to City C, I have money, I can pay for your ride."

The bodyguard did not even look at the ticket in Qin Yue's hands and shouted angrily: "Hurry and get out of my way, what are you doing with that little money of yours? "You can't afford to kill someone who has delayed our young mistress."

Qin Yue scratched his head, looking extremely simple, "That can't be, it's just a ride."

"Let him come up." The person in the black suit wanted to continue speaking, but he heard the Little Big Sister in the back seat say something like this.

"But miss, isn't he delaying us?" the bodyguard quickly asked.

That pleasant female voice came from inside the car. "It's fine. It's just by the way."

The bodyguard turned around, looked at Qin Yue and said: "You punk brat, you're lucky, hurry up and come up, don't talk rubbish."

There was no one in the front seat, but there were two beautiful Little Big Sister s in the back seat. It was impossible for Qin Yue to sit with these two beautiful Little Big Sister s, so he could only sit in the front seat.

"Hey, where did you get this poor kid from?" Just as Qin Yue sat down, he heard a mischievous voice coming from the back. He looked towards the back of the car and saw two sisters sitting in it.

Her elder sister's temperament was noble, but she was like an iceberg. Her younger sister seemed playful, but her words were also passionate and fiery.

Sister Garoli.

Exquisite. Especially since both of them had developed quite well. It was magnificent.

Noticing Qin Yue's gaze, Lin Ling snorted coldly, and spoke to him. "You ? Where are you looking? "

Qin Yue coughed, seeing that Lin Qin was looking in his direction, he frowned, and thought to himself that it was not good.

The reason why he was able to get on this car was because his sister had just spoken, so he was able to get on.

He immediately smiled at them, revealing a simple and honest smile, "My family lives nearby, if you have anything to do, you can go to City C, I wanted to hitchhike there, but no one stopped along the way, it was all because of your good intentions, my name is Qin Yue."

"My name is..." Before Lin Ling could finish his words, he was interrupted by Lin Qin.

"We don't need to know each other's names." Lin Qin glanced at Qin Yue indifferently.

He truly had a cold demeanor.

Qin Yue scratched his head, this action made him look extremely foolish and silly, he smiled while looking at his sister and said, "If I'm not wrong, you should have had a painful experience."

"What?" Lin Ling immediately exploded out, even the driver almost drove the car into the ditch.

Was there anyone who spoke like that? Yet, he said that he didn't have any dysmenorrhea?

Lin Ling wanted to beat him up.

"I'm a Chinese doctor." Qin Yue laughed: I have a way to treat you, I can cure you with medicine, I don't even need medicine, I just need acupuncture.

"What Chinese medicine? I think he's a swindler. Sis, don't believe him, we actually picked up a swindler, hurry up and get him out of the car. " Lin Ling was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

"Little Big Sister, don't be angry. You have a congenital heart disease." Qin Yue spread out his hands and quickly said: "Although your heart disease has improved slightly after undergoing the treatment, to be honest, that thing is not permanent, and there will be problems sooner or later."

With that, Lin Qin's face changed. She looked at Qin Yue with her sharp eyes: "Who exactly are you?"

"Like I said before, I'm a doctor," Qin Yue said frankly, "In Chinese medicine, what's important is hearing and hearing, the first thing you need to look for is the most solid basic skills, my basic skills are pretty good right?" As he spoke to here, the boy in front of him seemed exceptionally pleased with himself.

Although the brat in front of him was right, Lin Ling was unwilling to admit it.

The atmosphere became a little tense for a moment. Lin Qin squinted her eyes, and carefully sized up the kid in front of him: "Are you speaking the truth?"

"Of course, this is what ancestral medicine ate, and what I learnt since I was young." Qin Yue said somewhat complacently.

"Sis, you really believe his words. He's just a swindler. My surgery was done at the top hospital in the United States, how could there be any problems?" Lin Ling said anxiously.

"Little Big Sister, don't say that. According to my estimations, there are still three years until you should feel the pain in your heart. If you do not undergo another intervention, or if you do not use any other methods, a huge problem would definitely befall you within five years." When Qin Yue spoke of this, he was especially serious, he did not look like a gangster at all.

Lin Qin frowned, "You have a way?"

"Of course I have one," Qin Yue threw up his hands. "But right now, I don't have any props."

"What do you need?" Lin Qin was curious.

"My needle, that's why I went to C City. My needle is with my wife, so I have to get it back."

Lin Ling looked towards Qin Yue's direction with curiosity, "Child, you seem to be young, yet you already have a wife? But C City is so big, where are you going to find your wife? "

"My wife is Ouyang Xueling," the youth's face revealed a longing smile, he looked extremely confident, but after he finished speaking, everyone in the carriage laughed.

The tires rubbed against the ground. There was a screeching sound, as if something had been broken, and then the front of the car swung to the left and slammed into the curb, knocking over a tree and causing a dull thud to ring out from the hood.

Qin Yue was at a loss, he had only said the truth, the driver had actually flipped the car, was there really a need? If it wasn't for the other three wearing safety belts, they would have already flown to the front of the group.

The driver immediately got off, checked for a while, then walked in front of Lin Qin: "Young miss, the car is broken."

Lin Ling was an impatient one, "We all know that the car is broken. Isn't it just because someone was bragging? "

The driver lowered his head, looking like a child who had done something wrong. With a troubled expression, he said, "Second Miss, someone planted a nail in the road and our tires exploded."

Lin Qin squinted her eyes as a cold light flashed.

"There should be a car repair shop nearby," Qin Yue said.

Qin Yue's words broke the silence between the few of them. Lin Ling asked: "How do you know?"

"Life experience, in the past I worked with an old bicycle repairman. That old man likes to place nails in alleys, and anyone that gets tricked by him will have his tire repaired. This is a routine." Qin Yue squinted his eyes and said.

"What a shameless thing to do." Lin Ling clenched her teeth so hard that her cheeks started to bulge, "Sis, what do we do now?"

"Call the garage and tell them to come to the trailer. It shouldn't be far." Lin Qin said impatiently, "This is a wasteland far away from C City, this is the only way."

An hour later, they finally arrived at a nearby garage.

It was a very dilapidated garage that could collapse at any time.

When Qin Yue first entered, he smelt a strong stench of blood, but he frowned and did not say anything. Lin Ling patted his shoulder: "Idiot, is your wife really Ouyang Xueling?"


Lin Ling laughed: "Who the hell would believe that Sister Miss Ouyang is the hottest and most popular celebrity, how could she fancy a village boy like you? Could it be that she had seen her so many times that she fell in love at first sight? In C City, who doesn't want to be Sister Ouyang's husband? "

Lin Ling seemed to be very interested in the young man in front of him, and chattered non-stop around him, but suddenly, she heard the sounds of an argument coming from her sister's side.

The bodyguard angrily looked at the middle-aged man in front of him and said, "You are robbing while the fire is still burning!"

"So what if we take advantage of the situation? "The trailer price is 4000, the car repair fee is 40 thousand, do you want to give me that? In any case, there's only one car repair shop nearby, otherwise, would you want to go back?" The middle-aged man that stood before him had a face full of fearlessness.

That bodyguard was so angry that he almost exploded on the spot.

At this time, Lin Qin calmly walked in front of the middle-aged man, and took out a card from his bag: "How do I swipe my card?"

"Sis, they're taking advantage of the situation. Are they really going to pay?" Lin Ling said with a conflicted expression.

"I'm in a hurry." Lin Qin remained as cold as ever, "How long will it take?"

"If we're in a hurry, we'll add another 10 thousand." Not only did the middle-aged man take advantage of the situation, he even raised the price.

The bodyguard was about to hit someone.

Lin Qin waved her hand, "Alright."

The middle-aged man looked very happy. After swiping the card, he hummed a song and walked in the direction of the car while holding the wrench in his hand.

Initially, Qin Yue had thought that everyone would be staring at each other in shock within the next two hours. He had thought that at that time, he would have a good time treating the two twin sisters.

The Spanner in the middle aged man's hand quickly turned into a dagger and rested on Lin Qin's neck. With a ferocious expression, he said to the others: "I'm warning you guys, don't do anything reckless, if not I'll kill her immediately."

After he loudly said that, he quietly said to Lin Qin: "Miss, I'm sorry, this is a quest."

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