A Spoiled Little Wife

Modern Romance
799 Chapters
9.1 (13 Ratings)
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Aug 29th, 00:00
When Lin Muyan saw that the postcard was actually from the ancient town, she felt a little strange. It was only when the bodyguard closed the door did she open the envelope that was filled with unfamiliar words. However, she remembered that while she was writing the postcard, the man had not even looked at it. This … When was it written? Lin Muyan was startled for a moment, and then immediately


Lin Muyan lives in a family without love, her father does not love her, her stepmother embarrasses her everywhere, and her half-sister also bullies her with her mother's favor. In other people's plots and conspiracies, Lin Muyan gave full play to her ingenuity before she escaped danger again and again. But by accident, she was forced to become involved in a family dispute. Already having a dilemma, she met another person who wanted to use her to achieve his business interests. She knew that for him, she was just a tool to use, and even though she loved him, she never expressed it, and he, on the surface, was using her, but in fact he intentionally created opportunities to approach her and protect her, because he loves her a lot. ☆About the Author☆ Yun Duan De Yu, an outstanding online novelist, has rich creative experience and is good at writing urban romance novels. Representative works include: Hidden City, Protection of Dragon Beauty and so on.



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