Beauty As Poison

Beauty As Poison

Before dying, Yun Qingrou finally realized how ridiculous her life in this life was. As the noble Grand Princess, she had gone to great pains to help her younger brother ascend to the throne. However, she did not expect that her younger brother was not her biological brother. 
The princess' mansion had been massacred. Her own sister had been chopped into mincemeat right in front of her. She came to a sudden realization that she was a crafty rabbit who would walk around like a dog until she was cooked … In this life, she was the commander-in-chief of the Prime Minister's Residence who had yet to open her mind. She was the most revered beauty, and was bestowed with the identity of a sworn enemy. In this life, she wouldn't be so stupid as to be tricked by others. Whatever she owed or owed, she would repay them one by one! She wanted to repay the debt of blood with blood! • New wedding night. " Take off your clothes. " This voice was very familiar to her. It was the voice of her greatest nemesis in the imperial court, Prince Yu! " She actually has the nerve to send someone like him over, hmph! " She gripped the pearl hairpin in her hand and said, "I heard that Your Highness' martial arts are not bad, so I wanted to find an opportunity to spar with Your Highness!" Please support the genuine subscription with your baby. The update time is 9 o'clock every day. Please be assured that you will see it soon when you publish the "Guide to Survival of the Demon Consort in the Calamity Country"!
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Historical Romance
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6 hours ago
The first i very like this novel
Because... ML in this novel... I very like him
a day ago
I so love this novel
I.... So love this novel
November 16, 2020 9:50 AM
This novel my favorite...
I am really.. Really like this novel.. This novel so good..
November 15, 2020 10:01 AM
The beauty is the poison
Need bricks to unlock chapters
November 11, 2020 1:39 AM
If you trust the wrong person
If you trust the wrong person then you will suffer miserablely
November 8, 2020 7:42 AM
I very very like this novel
Story, character ML and FL in this novel very good
November 6, 2020 4:32 PM
A good story written
Apart for some broken translation, this story is actually a good story
November 6, 2020 2:01 PM inital tought
Her strong will...just started reading this...still in earlier chapters but i give my thumbs up
November 2, 2020 11:29 PM
Классная тема
Сначала ожидала, что будет очередная порция супергерлы со знанием своей прошлой жизни, которая будет исправлять свои ошибки. Но роман очень интересный, динамичный. Сюжет совершенно по-другому развивается. Очень жду продолжения.
October 31, 2020 7:27 AM
Review of BAP
I need more bricks to read
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