Counterattack to the Peak

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Counterattack to the Peak
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Long Jinge, Long Chen and Long Xiaoyun, the three of them were supporting Long Jingtian's figure, the spirit energy in all of the meridians in their bodies was accumulating, ready to act at any time. "Hahaha!" Long Jingtian raised his head and roared, his hair standing on end, and laughed sinisterly: "Blood of the Holy Dragon! "I've finally gotten it, I've finally gotten it!" "Congratulations Re
He was the second son of the Jun Family in Wasteland Town and had received the Nine Spirits Cleansing Lotus by chance. Each of the nine lotus seeds had the ability to overturn the heavens and overturn the earth. In his previous life, the God's soul had helped him to make the world tremble; along with it, the Emperor Phoenix looked down upon the world with disdain. In the past, it was already as glorious as a white cloud and a blue dog. In this life, it was possible for it to be invincible. There was no one in the sage realm who dared to disobey the might of the Deities Templar.
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