Crown Princess from Peasant Family

Historical Romance
131 Chapters
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9.1 (40 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C131
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"Alright, then I'll say it. I just want to take revenge on her, so what?" Jiang Wen said angrily. "Revenge?" What deep grievances do you have with her? " Leng Qianye frowned and asked. "Who asked her to be so arrogant? I just don't like her. " Jiang Wen said with a hint of anger in his voice. "It should be because we don't like you." Leng Qianye smiled in disdain. "Hehe, I'm not the only one w


In his previous life, Mo Xiaoyan had been shunned by her colleagues, so she didn't work well. After waking up, he found that he had also caught up with the unexpected flow of time. His family was ruined, and he was so poor that he only had people left. He rolled up his sleeves and became rich. When he met someone who had a black stomach, he went from being a happy enemy to someone he loved his entire life. In the end, he found someone he could trust his entire life to …


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