Demonic Boy Band, Let Go of  Me

Demonic Boy Band, Let Go of Me

He was an eye-catching superstar, and by some coincidence, she took part in his MV talent show. He threw her into a roll call, modified the MV story, made her look like a corpse in the rain until she had diarrhea; she stepped on his toes, broke his microphone, caused him to suddenly lose his voice; he was the domineering second generation of the chauffeur; coincidently, she recruited his tutor, he fought, drank, and went out to nightclubs …. He purposely fell to corruption for her to see, but she bitterly studied hard, ascended to the heavens, and advised him to be a new person! He was like a natural mortal enemy to her! He was her absolute nemesis! But they both said love to her at the same time, what kind of game was this! No! No! No! She was carrying a huge loan in her family! Therefore, the only things in her dictionary were working, earning money, paying off debts, and paying off debts!
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Modern Romance
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