Everlasting Conceited Supreme
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If I don't kill you, how am I supposed to survive? "Chi!" Another sharp arrow shot out from the Purple Radiant Bow. Like a bolt of lightning, it pierced through the air and headed straight for the formation. "Puchi!" Jiang Huan's body had not even appeared before she was struck again, and she spat out another mouthful of blood. It was also at this moment that the power of the battle scar and t
Jiang Feng, the god of death of a generation, was reborn eight thousand years after he was plotted against by a woman while he was exploring the ruins of the immortal ancient times! One life is the end of love, three lives are the end, with unparalleled killing intent in his heart. Jiang Feng rose to power, condensing his nine dragons and constellation, tempering his indestructible body, using his invincible body to brutally beat up all the other heaven's pride level experts! "My will is something that can't be blocked by God. My will is something that can't be destroyed. In this world, I …" 