Fleeting Youth

Fantasy Romance
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Fleeting Youth
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Wei Qing was surprised. "How did this happen?" She hastily scooped up the water, ready to wash it properly. Wei Jingnan couldn't help but laugh as he took the cloth cloth and dipped it in water to help Wei Qing wipe it clean. He wiped his face and hands. Wei Qing looked at Wei Jingnan who was in close proximity, the corners of his mouth raised upwards. "Why are you laughing like that?" Wei Ji
She had transmigrated and became the Chu Royal Consort! The crowd said, "Good!" Wei Qing muttered, "What the f * ck!" His highness was as cold as ice, and he had a white lotus concubine who was plotting to stab her with a knife everywhere! Since I was not welcome here, then I would leave! The Prince, who wanted to strangled her to death, suddenly refused to part with her? "Hey, let go of me, don't delay my second chance!"