Four Dragon Weapons Gone Missing

17 Chapters
Four Dragon Weapons Gone Missing
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Latest Release: C17
Aug 29th, 00:00
It was a very ordinary morning at the Snow Song Realm Palace. Everything was as it was before. "… …." Xiao Zheng, along with Wang Yishi, approached the snow sea. Perhaps it was meant for Zhang Yuanliao, but four other men came out from the snow mountain, a total of one woman and three men went to hide … "I haven't seen any traces of Chen Renhai since the cave was buried …" The Snow Cat reported b
The divine weapons of the imperial court that shook the martial arts world: Blue Dragon (sword), Snow Dragon (short stick), Black Dragon (axe), Red Dragon (whip), they all disappeared from the imperial government. The imperial government sent countless mysterious people to find them, but how many bizarre stories would happen during this journey? Close]
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