Great Martial God

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Great Martial God
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Chapter 547 - Fighting the Flaming Bird "After I brought you out of the sea of blood, you came to Ghost King Temple. Is this Nine-headed Flaming Bird the guardian beast of the Ghost King Temple?" Huang Tian finally noticed the space he was in after hearing what was said. Not far behind him was a calm sea of blood, and in front of him was a gigantic temple, Huang Tian looked at the temple and an e
In the Tian Yuan Continent, military power was paramount, and the strong were respected. The weak were just ants that could be trampled on by others. The strong ruled as kings and enslaved the living. A martial artist possessed the ability to destroy stone tablets, but a Martial King could move mountains and fill the seas. As for those legendary Martial Emperors, they could travel through the heavens and the earth, roaming through the Great Void … 