Heaven Defier

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Heaven Defier
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Yun Santong looked at the smile on Luo Hao's face and nodded slightly. From the looks of the previous exchange, Luo Hao who had the ability to challenge opponents beyond his level was not weaker than him. "Now, can I see your wager?" Seeing that, Luo Hao spoke again. "Of course!" Just as he finished speaking, a wooden box appeared in Yun Santong's hand. After opening the box, a buddhist bell t
Five hundred years ago, his beloved had pierced his heart with one sword. Five hundred years later, once the dynasty was reborn, the family would become a piece of trash, absolutely gorgeous! At the foot of the Zhou Mountains, Luo Hao was holding his seven feet high mountain, calmly looking at the divine generals. "Those who block my revenge, die, those who disgrace my Luo Clan, kill!" The Misty Cloud Queen was as high up as the sky? "I'm in the highest Heavens!"