Her Overbearing Young Master

Modern Romance
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Her Overbearing Young Master
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Chapter 1542 - A Woman and a Baby Yan An Xi took the fruit from the servant and sat beside Mu Chi Yao. She glanced at the iPad in's hands and fed him a grape. Mu Chi Yao moved the iPad away and wrapped his arms around her, allowing her to lean into his embrace. "Mu Yi Yan, that little ancestor, left?" "Mm, the steward of the house has been taken away. It's also quite nice to be with the lordmas
Yan Anxi slept with a man when she was drunk. The next morning, she left a hundred and two yuan and escaped. This world was really small. Yan Anxi realized that the man she slept with yesterday was her fiancé's big brother, Mu Chiyao … Mu Chiyao was well known in the city. He was the ruler and had controlled all the financial resources. Someday, Yan Anxi understood that there were no coincidences in this world. She was just a wager between her fiancé and Mu Chiyao. She was only a substitute for Mu Chiyao's true love because she looked like her. Now, his true love returned, and she lost her child in her womb. It's time to give up … ☆About the Author☆ Ban Wanwan is a new novelist specializing in love stories. From 2018, she began to publish her novel. Her first work was Her Overbearing Young Master.
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