Hug Me, Overbearing CEO

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When the sun rose and set, Li Xiang Si would look forward to the arrival of the weekend every day. It wasn't easy for him to make it to Friday, and tomorrow would be Saturday. When he left the canteen early in the morning and headed towards the school building, Li Xiang Si impatiently took out his mobile phone. She waited breathlessly as the phone rang. Finally, Qin Yi Nian's deep and low voice


She and he spent a whole night together by chance. He mistakenly thought that she was a prostitute and gave her a sum of money. She didn't know how to explain and was so angry that she did the same thing to him, throwing him a few bucks back. What she did intrigued him. He got interested in this unusual girl. He pursued her again and again, but she refused again and again. With these misunderstandings and entanglements, they got closer to each other. She never thought that such a bothersome man would one day be her real love. ☆About the Author☆ Bei Zhi is a well-known outstanding novelist. She has written many novels and is a creative writer. She is good at writing urban romance novels. She has many fans. Her novels have received high ratings on novel websites.


Modern Romance
Romantic Subplot
Protagonist Falls in Love First
Fated Lovers
Love Rivals
Personality Changes
Doting Love Interests
Lovers Reunited
Love Triangles


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