Imperial Saint Sovereign

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Imperial Saint Sovereign
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"Haha, alright. Now we can relax. However, we still have to be careful about the Peach of Immortality. We don't want to reveal it!" Li Mengru warned everyone. Everyone nodded their heads. They all knew how precious these Peaches of Immortality were. After all, it was something that could only be encountered by chance but not sought after! "Meng Ru, you decide. Where are we going now?" Not long l
Emperor Hegemony, Emperor Might, Saint Sage, Supreme Realm cultivators too! A youth who was determined to become a peerless powerhouse had his dantian destroyed due to an accident. Was that a disappointment, or a desire to become stronger? The youth, Ling Xiao, had unintentionally obtained a cauldron, a sword, and watched as Ling Xiao completed the legends that no one had broken since ancient times. He had done everything he could to surpass the heavens and reach the supreme peak! Holy Emperor's fans 423840230! Close]