Marriage with the Wild CEO

Modern Romance
1221 Chapters
8.3 (16 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C1221
Feb 17th, 08:05
Long Qian was feeling uneasy, but he was worrying too much! However, it seemed that all women in the world were in the same mood. Once the feelings of the loved one were ignored, it was easy for him to let his imagination run wild. Once one's imagination ran wild, it would seem like they had no confidence in themselves. Spring had finally arrived. Long Qian woke up early in the morning. Today w


In order to save her family, she had no choice but to marry a fool. But at night, he was pressed down by his brother-in-law, eating until it was all dried up. After everything was settled, she could have left as well. Who knew that he would never think of letting her go! "Mo Ye Han!" Don't forget, the transaction between us has ended! " In the middle of the night, she pushed him against the door and said while gnashing her teeth. "An Qian!" The transaction is over, but you have violated the terms of the contract! " The man's handsome long eyebrows twitched. While the woman was lost in her thoughts, Mo Eversnow broke into the room and pushed her against the wall. "How dare you steal my child! Thus … Our deal has to continue! "



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