Peerless Martial God 2

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Jan 6th, 12:14
"Grandfather, grandfather, my fist strength is not enough!" "Grandfather, grandfather, this grandson's legs aren't strong enough!" "Grandpa, little brother wet his bed again!" Under the Tree of Life s of the Martial Soul World, Lin Feng sat under the tree with a benevolent look on his face. Looking at the large group of children surrounding him, he smiled to the extreme. These brats were all h

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There was another universe beyond this world surprisingly. All the supreme gathered here. Lin Feng broke into this universe to fight with these pinnacle. He was so brave that he could face the question and challenge from his opponent. He was bably injured, and he realized the difficulties of battle, While he didn't give up. Instead, he is even more brave. At last, he beated everyone and aroused everyone's wonder. ☆About the Author☆ Captain Q, a male online novelist who does really well in fantasy novels. He has written 2 novels and the one <Peerless Martial God 2> gained a lot attention. Readers are attracted by the quality of not afraid of difficulties that the novel charactor has.



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