President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Modern Romance
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Lan Yanxi alone could not defeat six mouths, she could only say nothing with a heart full of anger. She only felt heartache that her grandfather had passed on like this, and he would never be able to hear his voice and mutter again in the future. It was already past 4 in the afternoon, and Lan Yanxi's entire body was still wet. Cheng Yuan asked the doctor for a thin blanket to cover her body, cau

Associated Names

Super Sweetheart of the CEO Daddy

CEO Daddy's Excessive Love


She was framed by her step mother to spend a whole night with one mysterious man. Eventually she was forced to escaped to another country far away. Five years later, she came back with a pair of beautiful dragon and phoenix babies. However, at the day she came back, she messed up a proud and handsome CEO. What's even more shock is that her son looks exactly like that CEO! These cute babies' pictures went popular on the internet. So at someday , the CEO stepped into her way..... ☆About the Author☆ Bei xiaoai is an urban youth novelist who does well in describing love. She has written 10 novels. Among them, <President Daddy’s Excessive Love> is the most popular one. The beautiful love described in this novel is fascinating.


Modern Romance
Romantic Subplot
Protagonist Falls in Love First
Fated Lovers
Love Rivals
Personality Changes
Doting Love Interests
Lovers Reunited
Love Triangles
Cute baby
sweet love


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