Princess Medical Doctor Rules

Historical Romance
1391 Chapters
Princess Medical Doctor Rules
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Latest Release: C1391
Aug 26th, 15:24
Even though Xiao Jiu An had always wanted to let Chang Ze grow as soon as possible, let Chang Ze take charge of himself, and take on the heavy responsibility of bearing the rivers and mountains, so that he could bring Ji Yun Kai to admire the flowers, admire the moon, and travel to the north and south of this great river, however … Xiao Jiu An still stayed in the palace with the identity of the S
She was the daughter of the current emperor's tutor. Her father didn't like her and her mother had died long ago, so she had a marriage contract with His Majesty. He was the king of a different surname who wielded great power and was known throughout the world. His charm was unparalleled and he had attracted countless noble women to bow before him … In a marriage contract, her reputation was ruined; in a war, his name was ruined; in a word, she married him. On the night of marriage, the legendary man, whose life was at stake, who was paralyzed on the bed, pressed her beneath him and pressed the tip of his blade against her neck. "This King's wife, This King would rather kill her than let her be taken away." "It just so happens that this madame would rather castrate my man than allow him to touch other women. " Ji Yunkai, who had the title of Hand of God, calmly pushed away the saber and the man on her body. She was startled by the man's reaction! What about the deal? What happened to not having any reaction to a woman? Man, where are your principles?!