Red Dresses Overwhelming the world

Historical Romance
656 Chapters
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Returning Wind Cliff. Two figures slowly floated down to the bottom of the cliff. The man held the woman's hand as they walked through the messy pile of rocks. Then, he walked next to the stone carved with words, took out a dagger, and carved his name beside it. Return of Golden Light! An Su stood to the side watching, allowing the man to lead her into the cave. The entire cave was still the sa


An Su is the noble daughter of the Lord Protector. When the country was in a dangerous position, she stepped out to protect her country. She toke 'An so' as her fake name then she attended the army. By virtue of the outstanding military skill, she always won when leading the army. On the war zone,she met Xiao Ye. She was attracted by Xiao Ye's performance on the battlefield. They made an appointment that she is going to let her "sister" An Su marry him. At the end of the war, An Su pretended to die and left the battlefield so that she could go back to the city and marry Xiao Ye. However, what's unexpected, her legs were cut off and her face was peeled off by Xiao Ye's subordinate on the way back to the city. What's even worse, she got the message that her whole family were killed. Out of desperation, she committed suicide. In the next life, she is going to make him pay for his life. ☆About the Author☆ Feng Qing is a famous female online novelist. She is good at writing revenge novels and she has written three works. She is a creative novelist and her works are amazing. Her writing is mature, especially for <Red Dresses Overwhelming the World>,what makes her famous and popular.



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