Sacred Martial Divine Sovereign

Sacred Martial Divine Sovereign

What is the price of love wrong? Ao Lingchen gave Qiu Muxue every month's worth of cultivation pills, and even shared some of his family's techniques with her. The last thing he got was the abandonment of the person he loved. Ao Lingchen finally understood that this had been a scam from the beginning. Otherwise, who would be willing to pay attention to him?
The Ao Family, the famous and famous Ao Family that was extremely famous in Mu Yuncheng, had once been an existence similar to an overlord. All the powers in the city had to look at the expression of the Ao Family. However, this was all in the past. From three years ago, when his father went to Twilight Forest to explore and never came back, everything changed. All the powers wanted nothing more than to take back the humble things they had done for so many years from the two children of the Ao Family.
The Ye Family finally sent someone to take revenge on the siblings. And it was because of this that Ao Lingchen accidentally became the director of the Heaven's Expanse Cauldron, and awakened the Body of Samsara. What was going on? Where had he been taken to save his sister? Was his father still alive?
☆About the Author☆
An Tianming began writing in 2018, specializing in fantasy fiction. The debut novel "Sacred Martial Divine Sovereign" is currently in a series.
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Scared Martial Divine Sovereign
What is the price of love wrongThe Strongest young Master in the wealthy class
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Sacred martial bonus
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condem…
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