Soldier King of the Female CEO

Modern Life
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They drank until the latter half of the night before they finally fell asleep. In the Hua Hai City, the Ye Family was considered to be a very influential clan. How could the grand marriage of the Ye Family not cause a sensation? Even Ye Jiuzhou had rushed back from Yanjing City, so did Ye Jiuxuan, Ye Jinda, Chen Shuxian, Ye Luoshui and other Ye Family clansmen. The hotel was set in the Jing Ding


"Hurry, hurry up!" Looking at the excited beauty beside him, Liang Hao gripped the steering wheel and broke out in a cold sweat! Although both men liked pretty girls, the unruly nurse driving the car coupled with the cold and beautiful female killer, this pair of beautiful sisters, he really did not dare to provoke them! Not only that, the marriage arranged by the elders was not allowed to be annulled! A childhood sweetheart, no marriage allowed! It looked like they would have to make a new marriage, but in this vast crowd of thousands of beautiful women, where was the right place to strike?


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