Taoist Master Ghost Hunting System

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Taoist Master Ghost Hunting System
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Coastal University. "You're here to go back to school, aren't you?" The teacher pushed his glasses and began sizing up the girl in front of him. The girl was wearing a simple white dress and her eyes exuded an otherworldly aura. "What's your name?" The teacher couldn't help but take a few glances at this girl. "White Dew." The girl answered. Outside the office, Bai Lu's good friends, Qin Fen
Physique, magic items, Feng Shui, spells, medical skills … What did it give you? " "The Taoist Master System is restarting." Taste, sleep, pain, greed, death … "What did it take away?" Authentication successful. " "Humans have the seven emotions and six desires, and ghosts have the determination to trouble themselves." "Zhou Heng, welcome to the Taoist Master System." He did not enter the mortal world and did not understand the common people.