The Mightiest Leveling System

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Jan 22nd, 08:01
Rumble … A deafening roar appeared in the sky above the Heavenly Court. The moment this kind of power appeared, it immediately caused all the gods and buddhas to prostrate themselves. The terrifying pressure caused them to not even have the courage to resist, and they immediately turned silent. And the one who bore the brunt of the blow was the Jade Emperor. At this moment, the Jade Emperor's


Have you ever seen all the women in the world go crazy for a man? This man was called Long Fei. In the eyes of the crowd, he was just a piece of trash, even his family wanted to abandon him. But, in his previous life, he was actually an Ancient Divine Dragon. He stirred up troubles, disturbing the perfection of ancient world, causing himself to be imprisoned in the Seal for billions of years. Since then, he was reborn several times, but repeatedly threw the world into chaos. In order to prevent him from causing troubles, the power of Nine Heavens planted a legacy on his body. This legacy caused him to suffer countless difficulties, including the death of his families, the death of his brothers, and the pain of his beloved girls being taken away. It also made him improve his own soul. After he experienced the coldness and warmth of the world, he was reborn again. This time, he needed to find seven girls. ☆About the Author☆ Da Hai Hao Duo Shui is a Chinese web novel writer, The Mightiest Leveling System is his first novel. He is one of the most persistent web novel writers in China. Since The Mightiest Leveling System being published in 2015, millions of readers became his fans.


Returning from Another World
Martial arts
Character Development
Fantasy World
Age Progression
eastern fantasy
Oriental fantasy
Weak to Strong
Tragic Past
Hiding True Abilities
Special Abilities


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