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Tranxending Vision
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Aug 29th, 00:00
Mars base. Red flags fluttered in the wind, the base was a scene of burning construction. As the environment of Mars continues to improve, it becomes more and more suitable for human habitation. Right now, recruitment advertisements could be seen everywhere in the cities of Grand China on Earth. Welcome to the Mars family, and to the Grand China Dream! What are you waiting for when you join the
Xia Lei is an unfortunate person. His mother died early in life, and his father mysteriously disappeared five years ago. That year, he just admitted to Kyoto University. However, considering the younger sister Xia Xue who is still in junior high school, he tore up the admission notice with tears. Since then he had been working on the construction site...Xia Lei, who was at the lowest level of society, lived in the margins. Five years later, a sudden accident gave his left eye a magical ability. Perspective, very retentive memory, super far range of visibility.... Xia Lei's life became extraordinary from then on. He is destined to become the protagonist of this era! ☆About the Author☆ Li Xianyu, a senior online novelist, has written nine novels. His works include Tranxending Vision, Open a Clinic to Cultivate, Earth Master in the Immortal World and Terminator Bodyguard, etc. The rigorous logical thinking and rich imagination make Li Yuyu’s novel attract many fans.
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    Hehe, can the maximum chapters increase again?

    100 chapters per week is very little, or at least in my opinion, I have no problems with the bricks, the more you can increase the maximum number of chapters per week, it would be better.
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    First there were 5 chapters per day, perfect. After, he started having 2 chapters per day, I can accept it. Now 1 chapter per day? But what is happening?
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    For fucks sake

    This is just my fathefucking luck Im sure god didnt want me to enjoy reading this novel so he pulled a prank on me Only two days after i found this site the chapters have been locked Aint no way im gonna find translat…
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    Hays unfortunately chapters are locked so I guess I’m gonna drop this novel even though its so good and 2 chapters per day huh? It will be 2025 before I finished the novel if we continue to read 2 chapters per day.
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    Why does locking the chapters tell me? for the desire to earn a few dollars?

    Why does locking the chapters tell me? for the desire to earn a few dollars? it might not be very profitable for you but for readers it was the best reading site, is it now? all the bricks that I spent to launch more cha…
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    Fuck you. Why did you lock the chapter.
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    What's with the bricks system

    This website suddenly started to lock the chapters. And u guys expect to pay us 1 dollar per chapter. It’s annoying. I’m changing the website.:slight_smile:
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    Hello again Administrators, Moderators, Staff. I've come to bother you again

    Well, I’ve been bothering you for a long time to increase the maximum chapters that can be voted per week. Could you increase the chapters per week? Yes. 20, 50, 100, 150 or 200 are few chapters or at least for me, so I…
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    Why is there no option to vote chapters?

    Why is there no option to vote chapters?
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    Could they increase the maximum chapters?

    There are novels in which there are 150-200 maximum episodes per week, but they are not completed, however, Tranxending Vision only has 100 episodes per week and that day I finished it. There are also other people who be…