Tranxending Vision

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Latest Release: C2621 grand ending
Aug 29th, 00:00
Mars base. Red flags fluttered in the wind, the base was a scene of burning construction. As the environment of Mars continues to improve, it becomes more and more suitable for human habitation. Right now, recruitment advertisements could be seen everywhere in the cities of Grand China on Earth. Welcome to the Mars family, and to the Grand China Dream! What are you waiting for when you join the

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Xia Lei is an unfortunate person. His mother died early in life, and his father mysteriously disappeared five years ago. That year, he just admitted to Kyoto University. However, considering the younger sister Xia Xue who is still in junior high school, he tore up the admission notice with tears. Since then he had been working on the construction site...Xia Lei, who was at the lowest level of society, lived in the margins. Five years later, a sudden accident gave his left eye a magical ability. Perspective, very retentive memory, super far range of visibility.... Xia Lei's life became extraordinary from then on. He is destined to become the protagonist of this era! ☆About the Author☆ Li Xianyu, a senior online novelist, has written nine novels. His works include Tranxending Vision, Open a Clinic to Cultivate, Earth Master in the Immortal World and Terminator Bodyguard, etc. The rigorous logical thinking and rich imagination make Li Yuyu’s novel attract many fans.


Beautiful Female Lead
Calm Protagonist
Body Tempering
Personality Changes
Modern Day
Easy Going Life
Underestimated Protagonist
Confident Protagonist
Multiple Identities
Eye Powers
Unfortunate protagonist
kind protagonist
special ability


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