Divine Martial Saint
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Chapter 242 - The outbreak of war Although Shi Hao's mount was a little inferior to other people's mounts, even to the point that he could barely stabilize his own body at this time. Although the other people's mounts looked a little better than Shi Hao's, they were also starting to become a little unstable. Shi Hao even noticed that this group of people with a cultivation at the first level of
When a Grandmaster of the Dao of alchemy died, he took a God level Pellet and was reincarnated into a trash. What? Destiny from the heavens? A damaged spiritual root? No, I have the perfect spirit root. Rushing into the sky, killing gods and gods, the path that I must walk is the path of slaughter Buddha. If the heavens want to stop me, so what if I kill the heavens?