The Emperor of the Holy Land
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Chapter 190 - Cutting the Grasses and Removing the Roots Wu Mazi seemed to have gone mad, struggling with all his might, but the feather fan on his shoulder was as light as light as a feather fan, it was not something he could resist. Instead, he did not stop his efforts, his expression changed slightly as he watched Wu Mazi's muscles rise, as though he was about to break through his own restrict
The three great immortal realms, the seven divine realms, and the countless planets orbiting around the Celestial Realm gave birth to powerful ancient gods that guarded the Heavenly God Realm to maintain the balance of the universe. However, 100,000 years ago, during the battle at dusk, there were no gods left in the universe, and a hundred thousand years later, on an inconspicuous planet, a youth unfortunately fell and resurrected from the Heavenly God Realm, becoming the peerless Divine Master who ruled the world from the ancient times.