Never Give up Even if You ever Hurt me

Gay Romance
263 Chapters
9.1 (13 Ratings)
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Jin Di never thought that in just a few months, Qi Yunxiu would bring back a child, and proclaim that he was his son. Finally, when Qi Yunxiu had coaxed the brat to sleep, Jin Di dragged him into the study room next door. The moment they entered, Jin Di couldn't help but ask. "What's going on?" Jin Di looked at Qi Yunxiu's face with disbelief written all over his face. This was still six months


as soon as he returned home jin immediately tossed his unruly son to him telling him to bring that violent and overbearing scoundrel along as a financial expert who had a high emotional intelligence qi yunxiu did not believe that he was incapable of managing a little ruffian this is the story of a black elite being attacked by loyal dogs and tyrannical thugs


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