Captured by His Gentle Love

Gay Romance
319 Chapters
9.4 (10 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C319
Aug 29th, 00:00
Radix Coriariae Shen Zechen walked along the empty corridor. At the end of the corridor sat a man. He sat quietly against the wall in a shirt soaked with blood. The same bloodstained hand on his knee held a cigarette, and the smoke rose slowly. Shen Zechen walked towards the man and stopped in front of him. At his feet was a mess of ashes and cigarette butts. "Sir, are you all right?" Due to


lu feng accidentally met his classmate shen ze chen whom he hadn't seen for six years in high school when he was at his lowest in the face of shen ze chen's tender and emotional attacks lu feng chose to surrender communication group — 587598649ps author's slow heat type


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