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Martial God Conqueror
Martial God Conqueror
☆The Cultivation level☆ 「Acquired Stage:Nine Levels」 「Innate Stage」(4 Levels:Beginning/Profound/Edge/Perfection) 「Pulsating Stage」(Same 4 Levels) 「Pulse Spirit Stage」(Same 4 Levels) 「Martial Duke Stage」(Same 4 Levels) 「Martial King Stage」(Same 4 Levels) 「Martial Emperor Stage」( 6 Levels: Beginning/Profound/Edge/Perfection/Transcendent/Mixed Element/Nirvana) 「Supreme Nirvana/Holy Ring/Domain Stage」(6 Levels/Different name in different world) Level 1:Half-Step/Three wheeled; Level 2:Little/Six wheeled/Block Domain Stage; Level 3:Profound/Seven Wheeled/Great Domain Stage; Level 4:Great/Nine Wheeled/Realm Domain Stage; Level 5:Great Supreme/Ten Wheeled/Dominate Domain Stage; Level 6: Immeasurable Nirvana/One Wheeled/Dominate Domain Stage; To fight against fate, he must cultivate strenuously. A young man who's from a small town of the border began to practice the mysterious martial arts in the ancient stele, With rapid progress along the way, he made his own path. He could be easily defeated by others' one simple move in his early years. But he was determined and devoted into the martial arts attentively. Step by step, with failure and frustration, he became stronger. Finally, he reached the peak and impressed everyone. At the same time, he fell in deep love. ☆About the Author☆ Yu Feng is an excellent novelist. He has written 5 novels, such as Martial God Conqueror, Cultivation in another world, and so on. Each of his work is fabulous. The ups and downs plots are really exciting. Both the plots and the writing are terrific.
Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation
Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation
WHEN HE REBORN IN THE BUSTLING CITY WITH TEN-THOUSAND-YEAR MEMORY AND LAST LIFE'S REGRET. After waking up, Jiang Tian found out that it was not too late. In the previous life, Jiang Tian was a member of Jiang family in Jinling. He suffered a disgrace that his fiancee broke the pledge of marriage, so he had to marry into the Zhao family. Although Zhao Xueqing, his wife was the first beauty in Hangzhou, he always beated and scolded her. A few years later, he went through family upheavel, and his loved ones died one after another. With despairing, guilty and hatred, Jiang Tian jumped from the cliff. But he did not die. Instead, he started a cultivation journey of as long as ten thousand years in another space. He became the supreme god, but he died in the process of opening up the universe. With the regret for his parents and the guilt for Zhao Xueqing, Jiang Tian, who remained million years of memory, swore that he would never let his loved one suffer any grievances and injuries this time! ☆About the Author☆ Gang Li You Mi is a post-80's full-time webnovelist who has written nearly ten novels. He started writing in 2011 and his first novel, The Rebirthed Bigwig, got 50 million views. In addition to learning the theory of novel writing and the experiences of successful writers, Gang Li You Mi also learned many scriptwriting theories, such as the Story, which was written by the hollywood godfather of screenwritting, Robert McGee. He merged the theory of scriptwriting and the pattern of webnovel creation, and this is one of his secrets of success.