Peerless Conceited God

324 Chapters
8.0 (22 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C324 To perish with (a final conclusion).
Aug 29th, 00:00
A streak of blood-red cut through the sky. Even an expert at the late stage of Returning-to-elemental Realm would find it difficult to catch up to such speed. As he got closer and closer to the China, Tang Xiaohu's heart became more and more uneasy. "Not good, looks like I'm still too late." Half an hour later, Tang Xiaohu and the other two arrived at the China's border. The place was filled wi


The Seven Realms bowed before him. There could only be one hegemon in this world. A mere rogue cultivator would not die from a great tribulation. After fusing with the dragon blood, he would be able to go all the way in, encountering countless fortuitous encounters. Embracing a beauty, wielding a divine artifact, using the Great Dao of the Divine Martial Realm to suppress the Seven Realms.


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