Peerless Conceited God
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Chapter 148 - The Most Powerful Sword Tang Xiaohu, now with a serious face, raised his sword and caught the red clothed man's sword. Bang! Tang Xiaohu followed the force of the impact and quickly moved, changing his position, he placed Su Fei under a big tree and sat down. He flicked out a pill and fed it to the red clothed man, and throughout the entire process, Su Fei did not even have time to
The Seven Realms bowed before him. There could only be one hegemon in this world. A mere rogue cultivator would not die from a great tribulation. After fusing with the dragon blood, he would be able to go all the way in, encountering countless fortuitous encounters. Embracing a beauty, wielding a divine artifact, using the Great Dao of the Divine Martial Realm to suppress the Seven Realms.