Dart Lord of The World

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Dart Lord of The World
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Chapter 260 - Dugu Yixiong "AHH!" Cheng Bingbing's startled cries broke the peace in the inn. She stared at the scene in front of her with widened eyes that were filled with fear. The people who came over to her in shock stared at the six corpses on the ground. Just now, Shen Kai had taken Dugu Ming's life with a single slash. "You killed my cousin? Do you know that he is the Young Master of t
Behead the evil powers, overthrow the regime, stir up the martial arts world. In my name, the escort flag has arrived, the escort flag has extended to the world, I am the escort master Shen Kai. I wholeheartedly seek martial arts, pursue the strongest martial arts, and abide by my own heart. He did not know that the world was like this, and that the hearts of people could not be changed. The hearts of those who pursue power, the hearts of those who plot, the hearts of those who covet endlessly; the world is treacherous, my heart is pure and good. My life is not condoned by the heavens and the earth, all those who treat me with sincerity are rare and end well, peach blossoms are easily trifled with, deep feelings are difficult to protect. When I looked back, there was actually no place in the world that could contain me. There was no longer any matter of nostalgia, and there was no one who was loyal to me either. Close]