Becoming Immortal in Primordial World

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Becoming Immortal in Primordial World
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Chapter 197 - Li Shiruo returns to the palace Within the Imperial Palace, the Emperor Li looked at the cold and indifferent Li Shiruo, and couldn't help but sigh in his heart, asking: "Shi Ruo, you finally returned to the palace, why are you looking at royal father like this?" Li Shiruo raised her head, looked at the Emperor Li, and said softly: "royal father, Shi Ruo and Xing Tong have long bee
The four grandsons of the Dragon Empire's Grand Marshal, Xing Ba, were born with the ability to not cultivate. When the people gradually forgot about this trash of the Xing Family, this cripple and a strange little purple snake shone brilliantly in the eyes of the people.
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