Mercilessness of Wrecked Sword

193 Chapters
Mercilessness of Wrecked Sword
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Sep 3rd, 21:05
Chapter 193 - Writing Remarks
"You will face many decisions in your life. Perhaps, you can grab hold of the throat of destiny, or perhaps, you will fall in front of fate." Zhuge peep at the leopard as he spoke to him. Where would he go in his life? The sword dance cut through the falling snow as the Gate of Heaven's Gate opened on its own. No one would give up when their heart had been broken, and their swords and sabers had all been sent to the remnant souls. Fortune and misfortune, grace and resentment, the separation of sorrow and joy, the gathering and dispersing of love and hate. There was both passion and peace. However, everything was unknown and unpredictable. He did not know what would happen tomorrow. This was life. Close]