The Glory After Rebirth

Gay Romance
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At the celebration, Ling Zhang's true song, "Hundred Birds in the Dawn" had let everyone witness the true scene, and the commotion that day had also attracted the attention of the citizens of the capital. When they found out that it was their Queen playing a song that had attracted the attention of the Hundred Birds, they broke out into crazed cheers. The fact that the Queen could attract hundred

Associated Names

Rebirth of Glory


At the previous life, i sufffered a lot from your recission of our marriage. I witnessed my parents died.I had been tortured to death. I hated you so much! I swore to god that i am definitely going to save my family, get revenge as well as take back the glory. However, it turns out that my glory is up to you. ☆About the Author☆ Huai Ruogu, A male novelist.He has written some online novels. Such as:<Time-Travel for The pharmacist who crossed the attack>\<Rebirth of Glory >\<Comeback with My Husband>.Among them, <Rebirth of Glory> is really popular by virtue of its ups and downs plots.


Historical Romance
Family Conflict
Romantic Subplot
Fated Lovers
Unconditional Love
miserable past


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