Mighty Young Master Clings to Her

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In the landscape garden. The atmosphere became tense again, many of the guests were like the Mr. Rong congratulating him. Rong Lingtian held Gu Xiran's waist as he stood at the side, and occasionally, someone would come over to greet him, and casually say a few words. "Rong Lingtian, everything that happened today was arranged by you, right?" This was what it meant to settle debts after the fal


He was a famous powerful master in the capital city. Handsome and rich were the first impression others had of him. Then everyone knew that he was not close to girls. Because of a conspiracy, she accidentally met him. She wanted to leave directly, but he had an unexpected affection for her. He took special care of her, which made her feel the sweet of love. People said she wasn't good enough for him, but when the conspiracy was uncovered and her true identity revealed, who else would dare say such a thing? ☆About the Author☆ Lv Luo, a well-known online novelist, has rich creative experience and is good at writing urban romance novels. Her novels are often full of sweet love and delicate emotional descriptions. This makes her a very popular author.



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